Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where I'm active on the web

Here is a list of other places where I'm active on the web:

  • Twitter. I've recently been pretty active on twitter for both professional and hobby use. It's been quite a learning experience, and I think the potential of this tool for pedagogical purposes is only just being realized. I use twitterberry from my Blackberry and Tweet Deck (very cool) from the desktop.
  • The Science Education Research ning. I started this ning a couple of weeks ago and posted recruiting announcements to the NARST and ASTE listservs. So far, there are about 62 members and a couple of managers of this ning. Hopefully the discussion and groups will take off soon.  
  • Diigo. I've also started using diigo to grab and tag webpages, again for both professional and bobby use. As I continue to use diigo and add stuff, I'll be making some of the things shared or public.
  • Facebook. Well, I guess everyone has been on Facebook for a while. I have to admit that although I've had an account for 4.5 years, I'm only now beginning to realize it's utility. I'm interested in the groups feature as a way to get some more "constrained" use out of it- I find it a bit too much of a free for all and get tired of wading through all of the crap on my main page.
  • Classroom 2.0. Just joined this one- we'll see what transpires here.
  • Google. I am deeply into Google and its apps, including Google Docs, Reader, Calendar, Gadgets, and, or course, gmail. It's amazing how easy it was to break free from MS Outlook and, to some degree, MS Office. And integration of gmail, contacts and calendar with my Blackberry was a snap. You can email me at robert.m.talbot @ 

As the list grows or become refined, I'll update this post. 

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